Because I Like to Poke Hornets’ Nests

If you think I left the Paul Pierce drawing alone after all the angst it’s given me, you don’t know me very well. The funny thing is that I spent maybe another hour on it and I bet hardly anyone will notice the difference, which shows you how unnecessarily compulsive I can be. Considering the risk/reward factor (I’ve drawn my way right out of perfectly fine pieces before and ruined them), it’s a retarded thing to do, but letting it sit there when I think I can improve it feels worse.

Anyway, while you may not be able to tell the difference, at least I didn’t trash the piece, either. Here’s the updated drawing:

And here’s a close-up of his face, which is primarily what I re-worked:

By the way, I guarantee you I’m going to touch it up again tonight, but I’m pretty confident it’ll be going under glass immediately afterwards. 

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