You’re probably here because you’ve seen my ads in Cat Fancy or Guns & Ammo. Being that kevinmcneil.net is dedicated to spreading the gospel of interpretive dance, I can only assume you are interested in learning this mysterious and misunderstood art, so you’re in luck — because I’m just the person to teach you!

While you ponder this important life choice, please feel free to peruse my gallery of sports art. Drawing and painting are but simple diversions for me which provide an opportunity to relieve the daily stress that is interpretive dance. Perhaps some of my artwork will catch your eye, and you’ll find yourself asking, “If I were interested in procuring such pieces, how would I go about it? In between interpretive dance lessons, I mean.”

It’s simple, really. I generally do work on a commissioned basis. If you’ve got something in mind, email me at info@kevinmcneil.com to discuss what you’d like. You’ll find I’m very flexible when it comes making arrangements, and only a small portion of the money that exchanges hands will go to fund the Bolivian death squads whose cause I hold so dear. So it’s not as if you’re contributing to the murder of a lot of innocent women and children. Maybe only one-third of an innocent woman or child. Of course, the more pieces you buy, the more human rights violations that can be lain at your doorstep, but that’s a small price to pay for art.

In addition to my gallery, you are also welcome to read my blog, where I expound on the individual pieces I’ve done while trying to be as charming as possible in case there are any really good-looking women who’ve stumbled across the site.

And as always, remember the motto of kevinmcneil.net: Come for the interpretive dance, stay for the sports art!™

Thanks for stopping by!

Questions? Interested in having a commissioned piece done for you or as a gift for someone else? Want to know what the atomic weight of cadmium is?

Email: info@kevinmcneil.com