Customer Testimonials

Jocelyne D:  “The portrait of Ted Williams was Jeff’s Christmas gift from me. Let me just say that the picture doesn’t even begin to do the portrait justice in person. It is absolutely amazing. I’m was so excited to give it to Jeff yesterday. It’s an awesome piece. Plus, working with Kevin on it was awesome. He sent me some pics, I sent him a few, and we ended up both deciding on the same one. I really can’t say enough how fantastic it is. It’s really an awesome gift for a sports fan because you’ll never get anything exactly like it anywhere else. Huge thanks to Kevin who did this for me. It is unbelievable… better than I could have even imagined.”

Jack Y: “I’m bumping this because of how well received the Jackie Robinson, Bill Russell, and Ted Williams portraits I gave as gifts were this Christmas morning. Seriously, Kevin you’re unbelievable.

The reports of his work being better in person could not be more spot on.

Thanks again for the gifts, they were the highlight of my Holiday Season.”

Greg J: “I am now the proud owner of 6 pieces that Kevin has done (a couple to be given as gifts, including one of my son) and one that was a gift from Kevin, which may have been a small part of the beginning of this ongoing story and I know I’ve said here before, but for those that haven’t seen his stuff in person, it’s even better than how amazing it comes across on these forums. It’s a privilege, IMO, to have access to Kevin’s work at way more than reasonable prices, and I hope that anyone who likes what they see attempts to place an order.

Thank you again Kevin, seriously, I gain true enjoyment from the pieces I’ve acquired to this point, and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon.”

Carol H: “I picked up the Dwight Evans portrait on Saturday and having spent a couple days looking at it I want to say: Wow. The scans don’t do it justice. Plus, it was double-matted and beautifully framed, something that is pretty pricey to do yourself.

I just wanted to let you know that it made yet another sports chick weep. My cousin was absolutely blown away. It’s easily one of the most satisfying gifts I’ve ever given in terms of how much the recipient loved it, and I wanted to thank you once again.”

John D: “Can I say it was a huge hit – absolutely loved by the Mrs. – thanks so much for doing the piece of my daughter. For any and all interested in Kevin’s work, I can give it the highest possible compliments.”

Mark S: “Received the Jordan piece today. Seeing it in person takes the appreciation for your work to a whole new level. It’s stunning. And the color you used for the matting is perfect.”

Beau S: “Got the Billy Russell portrait in the mail yesterday. It’s perfect. As has been said, the Internet scans don’t do the work justice. Your stuff is amazing!”

Jon Z: “I received the Neely piece I requested today and it exceeds my expectations in every way. The images posted here, while impressive, are not nearly as awe inspiring as the actual art. So for anyone that is considering, let this be another positive testimonial.

Thanks Kevin, I hope to have more commissions for you soon.”

Mike S: “It’s become a cliche around here that the pictures of Kevin’s work don’t do them justice.

Cliches are cliches for a reason.

I really don’t have adequate words to express how much I love this.”

Peggy M: “Kevin did a charcoal portrait for me of Heisman Trophy winner, Ernie Davis. I gifted it to a friend at Syracuse University. When I asked him if it would hang in his office, his response was ‘Screw that. It’s going in my home. This is too cool.'”

Jim W: “I am the proud owner of a Pedro portrait and it hangs right above my computer station in my office. Get comments from people about it all the time.”

Jeannine F: “You should see the Willie Mays piece I have in person when you’re sitting a few feet away from it in evening light.

It looks like he’s just going to get up and walk across to meet you.”

Keith G: “The Magic drawing was for my friend. He said it is one of the best gifts he’s ever gotten.”